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What is the existence of Zhangqiu Black Tombstone?

Zhangqiu Black TombstoneIt is a rare and good material in terms of polishing degree, color and density. Let's have an in-depth understanding of this black stone together!

1), high polishing
The Chinese black stone can be illuminated by a "mirror" and kept between 95-110 degrees, which is enough to show the high brightness of the Chinese black stone. The reason for the high polishing degree of the Chinese black stone is caused by its first two characteristics.
2), color
Chinese black is dominated by black, just like the dark night sky. Of course, different grades of Chinese black stone colors are somewhat different.
3), density:
The Chinese black stone, which has the reputation of "stone steel" in the stone industry, has a density of 0.35-0.45kg\/cubic meter, which is a high-quality granite. Of course, this causes great difficulties for the cutting of Chinese black stone.

Zhangqiu Hei Introduction:

Zhangqiu black is one of the famous stone materials in Zhangqiu. It has been mined vertically for many years and is very famous. The development prospect of Zhangqiu black, a common building decoration material, is very broad. It can be used for laying ground in engineering. Indoor and outdoor floors, external wall dry hanging, special-shaped carving, etc.

Zhangqiu black cleaning and maintenance:

When Zhangqiu black stone is used as a material for laying the ground, the dirt absorbed will be many times higher than that of the wall decoration. Colored soluble substances stained on Zhangqiu black stone will become difficult to clean, such as grease, tea, ink, drinks, etc.