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What are the ways to prevent Chinese black tombstones from turning white?

we sometimes useChinese black tombstoneIt will be found that its color will turn white, so what do we need to do to prevent the color of Chinese black tombstones from turning white?
1, do a good job of protection
Black stone is easily polluted by dust, pigment and other substances, so it should be well protected.
2. Grinding optimization should be done well
In the grinding optimization stage of black stone, 150 plus 300 plus 500 or 200 plus 400 plus 800, it is necessary to continuously cross-grind more than 3 times. The more times, the more uniform the stone background will be.
3, prevent scratches
①Prevent the sand or hard objects from scratching the ground during construction.
② Clean up the mud on the site and the mud of the machine itself in time to prevent the debris from scratching the ground and keep the ground highly clean.
③Prevent coarse-grained scratches on the grinding disc. Solution: When grinding, if there are protruding particles on the grinding disc, use a needle or a blade to remove it.

The surface treatment of stone is an important form of stone treatment, so what is it?
1) The ground should be thoroughly cleaned and kept clean before the crystal surface is treated.
2) Choose a heavier crystal surface processor, such as Weiba brand AN17SC or VF17HD, the weight of the general floor brushing machine is full, which is not suitable for this work. The weight, power and speed of the machine, as well as the chemical The right amount of coordination is crucial to achieve good results.
3) The medicine must be shaken well before use.
4) Select the area, spray K2 crystal surface treatment agent on the ground, Chinese black 2 grams per square meter. Install a steel wire pad on the machine chassis and start to spread it evenly. Repeat this process until we see a bright and transparent effect.
5) Spray K3 polisher on the ground, spread it evenly with a machine until it is bright.
70% of indoor pollution is caused by humans. If these human factors are properly guarded against in China, the pollution level can be greatly reduced.
For example: Pedestrians bring in dirt from the soles of their shoes. This is a common and important man-made pollution. According to statistics from Western countries, each guest will bring 7gm of dust into the house from the outdoors. These numbers should be 3 To 4 times, it is about 80% of the indoor source of dirt, China should focus on preventing this, and laying door vacuum pads is a very effective and necessary method.
The initial role of the vacuum pad is to increase the cleanliness of the room, reduce indoor dust, prevent damage to the indoor floor, improve the indoor environment and reduce cleaning costs. But today, its role is not only these.