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Looking for traditional tombstone carvers to pay tribute to the "craftsman spirit

to onetraditional tombstoneFor engravers, most of their life is usually spent on tombstone carving. Looking at the past, there were dozens of small tombstone making factories in this area. And 50-year-old Du Tiancai is also a tombstone making craftsman. He has been working in the tombstone industry for more than 30 years. It can be said that most of his life has been spent with tombstone carving.

Du Tiancai had a strong interest in stones since he was a child, often knocking on stones, or studying stone statues. When he was 16 years old, he was already able to knock grave stones in the cemetery and engrave tombstone fonts. Although , Tombstone carving is a tiring, dirty, and cool job, but he still insists on working on site every day. Until now, the 50-year-old Du Tiancai is already the boss of a tombstone field.

Carving a tombstone is not something anyone can do. Du Tiancai said that when writing a letter, you must keep your hand steady and concentrate your energy. If you don't pay attention, you will make mistakes. If you make a mistake, the whole stone will be destroyed. Especially the words on the tombstone. There are small mistakes, or the stone texture is flawed, even if the customer can't see it. However, the customer erected a tombstone for the deceased out of caution. Du Tiancai said that the customer's filial piety cannot be used as a joke. Therefore, each tombstone required to be produced should be as much as possible Keep improving. Otherwise, your conscience will not be able to live.

Now Du Tiancai and his wife rent a small house near the Tombstone Factory, with an annual income of 670,000 yuan. Although their life is poor and plain, it is also very fulfilling. Since they have been in this business for a long time, they have accumulated a lot of old customers. , When he was too busy, Du Tiancai hired a local donor named Yang Xueyi. Yang Xueyi has been working in the stone industry for more than 20 years. Du Tiancai gave him a salary of 150 yuan a day. Said, saying that not only can he support his family, but he can also be closer to home, which is better than working outside. Perhaps for sculptors, there is very little time to spend with their relatives, and close work, at least at night Spend time with your family.

The raw materials for making a tombstone are all shipped from a fixed place. Generally, one truck can hold 10 tons and the freight is 1,000 yuan. They can complete about 4 sets of gravestone processing and tombstone carving in a month according to the requirements of customers, and Each group can be sold for 89,000 yuan. The characters on a tombstone are first typed with a computer, and then engraved on the stone tablet to be used. In this way, they have to spend 10 hours with the dust every day. Work I didn't see them bring any protective gear, which is also a challenge to physical health.

Du Tiancai's wife is responsible for cooking for the family and the workers every day. Since the tombstone stone is too dusty when working, she makes them eat pig blood once or twice a week, which is said to be able to "suck" the dust. Du Tiancai's son He is already 25 years old, but his son doesn't like the work of marking monuments. He feels it is too dirty and tiring, so he goes to work in another place. Du Tiancai feels very sorry that his son is not by his side.

For Du Tiancai and the others, smashing gravestones and carving tombstones is their occupation and work. Even if they face the dust in the sky every day, after a day of work, their whole body is covered with dust. Although it is hard work, they are used to it. Now with the continuous improvement of the degree of mechanization, more and more manual engraving links, the technology is gradually replaced by the machine. And Du Tiancai is artificial, as long as he keeps learning and innovating, the "artisan spirit" cannot be abandoned in the mechanized era.