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Repair method for small gaps in black granite tombstones

black graniteTombstone sculpture is almost as old as human beings. An important symbol of human beings becoming a high-end animal is to make tools, and more importantly, to create images. The famous stone statues in the world are Venus greater than David greater than and so on. An unforgettable classic. Now, whether in people's lives or in public buildings, marble statues can add a classic element to interior design or outdoor spaces.

Small gaps or dents are unavoidable in black granite tombstone statues. How to fix them?

It's actually quite simple, a marble statue can be easily repaired with a few materials and patience. Mix baking soda or rice flour with a super glue. Make a translucent instant glue of marble-like quality. Add some marble powder that matches the color of the statue. Buy A small bucket for plastering the wall. Prepare a certain amount of material and let it dry well.

Compare the color of the finished granite tombstone with the color of the marble statue. Use a plastic shovel to fill in the missing parts of the statue and wipe off any excess with a soft cloth. Gently sand the areas where the marble statue needs to be filled with high-grit sandpaper. Use a clean cloth to remove dust particles.