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Cemetery tombstone manufacturers: knowledge about funeral taboos

In order to respect the ancestors, some concepts and operational taboos have been formed in the funeral aftermath of the traditional Chinese cemetery cemetery. If these taboos are ignored, it is unlucky and disrespectful to the deceased. Today,Cemetery tombstoneThe manufacturer tells you about the taboo knowledge of funerals

Taboos (1) Avoid double-sun funerals. Double-sun funerals have ominous omens. It is believed that double-sun funerals have the meaning of the death of two people. Therefore, single-day funerals must be chosen, rather than double-day funerals.

Taboo (2) Avoid funerals at noon. There is a taboo custom in the Li nationality area. If someone dies in a Li family, they are usually buried in the morning and buried in the afternoon, or buried in the afternoon the next day. Funerals at different times. When you think that you are breaking the taboo, you will lead to disaster.

Taboo (3) Avoid spilling tears on the body. There is a saying in some areas that if someone in the family dies, you should avoid crying when dressing the deceased, so as not to spill the tears on the body. It is believed that something will happen and the dead will be awakened.

Taboo (4) Avoid the coffin to go out from the door. There is a saying that the Manchu people are taboo. They think that the door is a place for people to come and go, and avoid the dead running rampant, otherwise it will be considered bad luck, because there is a custom of exiting the coffin from the window.

Taboo (5) Do not allow cats to appear before the spirit. Before the funeral, the deceased should be vigilant, and should not be approached by a cat. It is believed that if a cat touches, or jumps before and after, it will be like the deceased will suddenly stand up, which has the meaning of harming the family.

Taboo (6) Haircuts should be avoided. If someone in the family dies, family members or men are not allowed to cut their hair or shave their faces within a month. When the elders die, most of them are strictly observed by the younger generation. Expressing grief, filial piety and longing. In some areas, it is believed that haircuts are changing their appearance, so that the undead cannot be identified, so as to avoid disasters. In addition, there is a saying that a baby can have a haircut only 100 days after birth, otherwise there will be premature death. disaster.

Taboo (7) Do not be happy on the day of death. That is, on the day of death, do not do good things, such as drinking and having fun. It goes without saying that doing happy things on the day of the death of the deceased will be regarded as disrespectful. At the time of "no food", the ancients said: "The Book of Rites - Tan Gong on the bow is bigger than the cloud: "A gentleman has life-long worries, but he does not suffer from a dynasty, so he is not happy on the day of his death." This is what everyone should follow together.

Funeral is a major event, so we must pay attention to these funeral taboos, and do not step on the thunder pool by mistake.