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How to Eliminate the Influence of Salt on Chinese Black Tombstones

how to get rid of saltChinese black tombstoneWhat we know is that water will have a certain effect on the stone, so the salt also has a great effect, these staying on the Chinese black granite will lead to a lot of dust in the process, which is very harmful to the Chinese black granite. The stone personnel cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, the Chinese black granite stone should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

In fact, the environment will affect the accelerated dry-wet change of the crystalline salt. The cycle is repeated again and again, repeating the crystallization process of the salt solution, so that the micro-pores and micro-gap on the surface of the stone are in the form of powder or scales, and gradually fall off the stone, and then are washed by water. Wash away, thus forming a single pit, fence, decorative effect. If the presence of salt is not eliminated, then with the help of wind, rain, ice water, moisture, fog effect, the stone shallow salt dissolves in water and spreads to the surface, Wind, water evaporates, thereby allowing salt to accumulate.

How to eliminate the influence of salt on Chinese black granite is a situation worth learning and mastering. These are actually very important things for us, and are well received by domestic and foreign customers. The production technology and economic strength are relatively high. Chinese Black Granite Stone.

The maintenance and cleaning of Chinese black stone, the maintenance of Chinese black stone is a situation that we need to pay attention to, which is also something we attach great importance to in our lives. Necessary. Everyone knows that Chinese blacks will inevitably be polluted in the process,

When using, we will find that some Chinese black is not smooth, such stone is more troublesome to clean, and the surface of pores or micro-cracks of sesame ash will become more obvious after roughening of the flat image, and it is easy to be polluted. Lesion. During curing, it is easy to use the curing agent to cause the rough surface of the stone to produce a deeper color effect, so before using the actual use, more tests should be done to avoid color changes and resist results after curing. Conservation can make the stone The surface is smooth and sturdy. The stone manufacturing and processing of Chinese black manufacturers are similar, and the difference is in the maintenance of the stone in the later stage. As long as we pay attention, the stone will be strong and durable.

The maintenance and cleaning of Chinese black is very critical. I believe that these will have a certain impact on our lives. However, due to the high difficulty, we should not be careless. We should use high quality, advanced technology, and reach the international advanced level. If you have anything else you want to know, you can contact our company.