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Cemetery tombstone manufacturers talk about 5 principles of cemetery cemetery selection

Many people don't know much about the places where our deceased people are buried, and they bury their deceased people in the same place in a confused way, which will bring two major dangers.Cemetery tombstoneManufacturers talk about 5 principles for the selection of cemetery cemeteries

The top of the list will implicate future generations and affect the growth and destiny of future generations

The second will be disrespectful to our old friends, so that they can't sleep well

For the long-term sleep of our ancestors and the prosperity of our next generation, the editor of China Mausoleum Network will teach you a few simple ways to look at the cemetery:

1. The principle of leaning against mountains and rivers

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, green mountains and green waters are a beautiful environment that people yearn for, and it is also the basic criterion for a good cemetery. It is reflected in the cemetery theory that "mountain masters Dingshui masters wealth", which means mountains', which can make later generations prosperous. ;There are many noble people, there are mountains and water', which can make money rolling. The stone is the bone of the mountain, and the water is the blood of the mountain. The mountain has life without water, and the mountain without water seems to have no soul, so the cemetery has a saying: If there are mountains but no water, there is no place to look for land. Before looking at the mountains, look at the water first. It can be seen that "the owner of the mountain Dingshui is the main wealth" is a brief and incisive summary of the investigation of the cemetery. The so-called: "The method of feng shui, the water is the first, and the possession of the wind is second." The funeral book is greater than the belief that the larger the water surface, the thicker the accumulation of Qi, and the thicker the wealth.

2. Criteria for hugging from front to back

The geomantic cemetery also says, "Left Qinglong, right white tiger, Suzaku in front and Xuanwu in the back" is probably what people hear more in the cemetery. This is the Fengshui summary of the surrounding terrain of the cemetery. Basin, the "hole" mentioned in feng shui is in this basin. The four sides of the mountain are called "sand" in feng shui. The mountain behind is the backing mountain. Baihu Mountain. It is smaller than the bottom of the mountain. The momentum should not be too strong. (Here, the momentum, strength and weakness are all elegant.) In front of it is the case mountain. The case mountain is even lower than the Qinglong Baihu Mountain. The point is that the backing mountain, the left and right mountains, and the right mountain constitute a situation of a Taishi chair, and a table is placed in front to represent the case mountain. If these conditions are met, it constitutes a good feng shui format.

3. Criteria for buckling and bending

In the past, courtyards and temples had shadow walls facing the gates. Modern people also pay more attention to the planning of entrances when they decorate. Shadow walls and entrances are created in response, not just for beauty. Their function is to prevent Straight through, blocking the evil spirit from the frontal collision. How to block the evil spirit in the cemetery? , The meaning of zigzag is to prevent the wind from going straight out and in, in order to hide the wind and gather qi. Such a layout not only has a practical effect, but also has a unique artistic effect, such as garden buildings in the south of the Yangtze River, All reflect this aesthetic psychology.

4, the principle of openness

In ancient times, someone became famous, and he may have made a fortune when he became an official. People often talk about how good this person's ancestral tomb is. They call it: Earthlings and outstanding people. Fengshui believes that the openness of the Mingtang is conducive to nurturing talents and carrying out work. In fact, the Mingtang is vast and bright. It represents that people are open-minded, tolerant, and have lofty aspirations. Therefore, one of the ways to see Feng Shui is to "climb the mountain to see the water mouth" and "go into the cave to see the Mingtang". Mingtang means that there should be a broad and flat area in front of the tomb. In this place, the hall is open and full of vigor, and the talent has a bright future. Therefore, the cemetery should not be located in a narrow and restricted valley.

5, return to the natural principle

In the current urban planning, the cemetery is farther and farther away from the city. Why not get closer to the city, it is more convenient to go to the tomb to pay homage, wouldn't it be more humane? Wouldn't it be more modern to wrap it in the middle of high-rise buildings? Yangzhai is just the opposite. Urbanites suggest that people and vehicles should be integrated, man-machine (computer) should be integrated, and the work list should be the first, the power list should be the first, and the cemetery should be the top of the natural list. Immortals ideally live in the back garden, and they are the ones who look up to the immortals and enjoy the natural palaces.

To sum up, the meaning of feng shui is to help people choose good luck and avoid bad luck. There must be his essence, but choosing a good and blessed land can never be wrong. From ancient times to the present, many of our sages have learned a lot about feng shui, and we can learn from them.


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