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What are the feng shui taboos about granite cemetery tombstones

About GraniteCemetery tombstoneWhat are the feng shui taboos? Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory is here to tell you. Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory is located in Hunyuan County Industrial Park, Shanxi Province. It has Shanxi Hei's own mines and processing plants. Processing Shanxi black gold points, mainly without gold points, production and sales of engineering boards and other stone materials, after years of incomprehensible efforts of all employees, we now have an experienced and skilled tombstone production professional team!

1. Use black or white granite tombstones with smooth surface, feng shui is safe and healthy for future generations.

2. If bluestone tombstones are used, there are often disasters such as sick people at home.

3. If redstone tombstones are used, poor health and short lifespan often occur at home.

4. If there are bright marks on the surface of the granite tombstone, the descendants will be sick and injured.

5. If concrete tombstones are used, after more than ten years, the concrete tombstones often break, the owner has big scars on the body or the family has insufficient money, the eldest son is active in a foreign country, or there are fires and disasters at home.

6. The tombstone is thick and short, and the descendants of the Lord work hard and are tired.

7, slender and tall tombstones, short-lived or adoptive sons of the master's descendants.

8. The tombstone and cornerstone are covered with cement. The descendants of the master suffer from waist problems or stroke and neuralgia.

9. The entire surface of the stele is dark and dirty, and the main coffin is flooded with water.

10. The upper part of the stele is bright, and the lower part is dark. The main descendants are developing in other places, but there is no development in the local area.

11. The lower section of the stele is particularly dark, and the main descendants suffer from kidney or lower body diseases

12. Look at which section of the tombstone is broken and damaged, that is, the owner of the house has a car accident, surgery, and a bloody disaster. The upper section should be 1, 4, and 7, the middle section should be 2, 5, and 8, and the lower section should be 3, 6, and 9. house.

13. Where is the broken, damaged and dirty spot on the tombstone, that is, the location of the pain in the body of the descendants. Generally, the tombstone is broken, and it is mostly due to the head injury, surgery, and surgery of the descendants.

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