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Do you know how to write the inscription on the tombstone in the cemetery?

There is a lot of rain during the Qingming Festival, and pedestrians on the road want to break their souls." Every Qingming Festival, we will think of worshiping our deceased relatives. What we want to introduce to you today isCemetery tombstoneThe pattern of inscriptions in the cemetery, and show you the pictures of tombstones in the cemetery and the model of inscriptions on the tombstones in the cemetery, so that you can understand how to write the inscriptions on the tombstones in the cemetery.

In fact, the composition of the tombstone inscription in the cemetery is not complicated. It mainly includes three parts: the head held high, the text and the signature. The head held high and the signature are written on the position of the deceased before his life and the identity of the person who erected the tombstone. The honorific title. The content is relatively small, but there is a certain pattern of inscriptions.

Cemetery tombstone pictures:

The picture of the cemetery tombstone inscription above is the model of the cemetery tombstone inscription we show you. From the picture, the general pattern of the inscription can be seen at a glance. Although we hope that everyone can live a long life, it is impossible for everyone to get rid of birth, old age, sickness and death. The laws of nature. And a standard cemetery tombstone inscription expresses people's respect for the deceased to a certain extent, and it is also the evidence that a person has come to this world, so everyone has reason to pay attention to the compilation of cemetery tombstone inscriptions.

After looking at the pictures of cemetery tombstones and the model of cemetery tombstone inscriptions, you now know the pattern of inscriptions and how to write cemetery tombstone inscriptions? Hope this information can help you when you want to pay tribute to your deceased relatives.