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What damage does salt do to Zhangqiu's black tombstone?

salt forZhangqiu Black TombstoneWhat kind of damage is there? Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory will tell you about it.

What is the damage of salt to Zhangqiu black stone? The damage of salt to Zhangqiu black stone is the second factor after water. Its damage to Zhangqiu black stone is concentrated in the following: crystallization weathering, crystallization pressure, hydration The stress caused by pressure, moisture absorption and expansion, and temperature expansion. Due to the effect of salt, the stone becomes crisp and loose, forming the main reason for the weathering of the stone, and the existence of salt is the crystalline salt of the stone itself.

The salt produced by the combination of Zhangqiu black stone composition and the acid gas in the air. In stone construction, the salt and some cleaning agents in cement, lime, soil, food, seawater, industrial production, etc. will pass through the fine pores of the stone, and the fine cracks will pass through the stone. The capillary phenomenon enters the stone. After the salt forms crystals in the stone, a large pressure occurs, that is, the crystallization pressure. The greater the crystallization pressure, the greater the damage to the stone. Some salts are also converted into recrystallized hydration under certain conditions. The substance, which in turn occupies a larger volume, generates additional pressure, that is, hydration pressure.

There are torrent molecules in the molecular formula of gypsum. With the change of temperature, the pressure changes accordingly, and the repeated stress changes. After all, the local stone will be changed into powder, broken nitrate, and scaly. The damage of salt to stone is often caused by moisture, At the same time, the wind force repeatedly dissolves on the surface of the stone - separates - and then separates, and eventually the stone is broken.

Therefore, in our daily life, we need to pay attention to try not to let the salt contact the stone for a long time. The factory is located in the industrial park of Hunyuan County, Shanxi Province, and has its own mines and processing plants in Shanxi Black. Main, production, sales of engineering slabs and other stone, after years of inexplicable efforts of all employees, now has an experienced and skilled tombstone production professional team! Mainly produces Shanxi black granite, which is widely used in cemetery tombstones, garden engineering, etc. .For many years, the factory has been adhering to the business philosophy of "customer-centered, quality-based, market-oriented, and humanistic-based