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Did you know that black granite can "glow

  black graniteThere are the following common types, the following Quanyou stone will introduce to you.


Basalt is black granite and is an important rock type. The color is mostly black or gray-black, fine-grained and dense block. Its compressive strength is about 3500-5000kg\/cm2, with strong acid resistance, wear resistance, compression resistance, insulation Function. Basalt is widely distributed, and it is produced in almost every geological age. Well-known brands such as Fuding Black. Fujian Fuding Basalt Ore is a rare high-quality black granite basalt mine. There are more than 500 processing enterprises, and the annual mining capacity is nearly 10 10,000 m3. Orderly development, comprehensive utilization is the main direction of its sustainable development. Other types such as Mongolia black, etc. In addition, the basalt stone mining industry in Yunnan and Heilongjiang is also under development.


Gabbro is also an important rock type of black granite. The color is mostly black and pure. Some are decorated with white dots on a black background, and the stone types are forest green (Hebei, Henan). The rock species are mainly Greenstone. But from the perspective of commercial properties, they all use the naming method of granite. Basalt is extrusive rock with darker color. The mineral particles contained are uniform and small, and it is generally difficult to distinguish the type with the naked eye, even with a magnifying glass. It is easy to distinguish. Basalt is a widely distributed igneous rock. Most basalt is formed by volcanic eruption, when magma encounters cold air after it is ejected, and it quickly condenses with lava activity. Some basalt is intrusive, and when the volcano erupts, the magma does not erupt The surface of the earth is formed by condensation in the interior of the earth.


Dolerite, a shallow facies rock of basic intrusive rock, is also an important rock type of black granite. , Indian black is comparable to or even better than them. According to research, the main rock type of Shanxi black is diabase, the so-called Shanxi black A. In our case, the quality black granite is Shanxi black A grade, and the price is higher than any The black granites produced in India are all high. Shanxi Hei A contains the following practical mineral components: about 50% plagioclase, polymorphic twin crystal development; general - about 35% mutable pyroxene; a small amount of feldspar, About 5 percent; a few minerals include amphibole, biotite, titanomagnetite, etc. According to the structure, it can be subdivided into three brands: large flower, medium flower and fine flower, and medium fine flower is better. Similar species , and Fengzhen, Heihe, Hebei, Pingshan, Wannianqing, etc. Some Shanxi black plates have some golden dots on the polished surface. Many manufacturers do not like them, so the price of this quality plate will be relatively low. If you like this belt Black stone with golden dots, and reasonable price, quality inspection, not dyed, then you will get a good deal. When you are selling Shanxi black grade B, you have to be very careful. It is not available for export, Because of its poor luminosity after polishing, it is not widely used overseas.

pure black hemp

A misunderstanding about pure black hemp: all pure black hemp granite is the same material. Actually not, they may have great differences in color, quality and price.

About pure black hemp, everyone knows Sutareboda, a black granite from Sweden. This mineral has been developed for several years. Generally speaking, the most famous black granite in Sweden is a stone called ebony .This stone is very hard and durable. After polishing, hitting with a hammer or chisel can make a metallic clanging sound. Of course, this stone is also expensive.

South African dark black

In 1962, after the South African Deep Black was exported from South Africa to Italy, this granite was called Nero Assoluto, which Italians translate as pure black. Alternative names are: South African Ebony, South African Black and Savannah. Produced in South Africa Many of the granites are so rich in mineral grains that they look similar to the Cambrian black from Canada, and the less black rocks have mineral crystals that sparkle as white as stars.

Some black granite may contain impure colors, some manufacturers or processors will use petroleum or some other coloring agent to cover these defects. This practice will cause the granite to fade, but the correct polishing will not. The cause of fading is nothing more than Stain or oil has faded. A possible solution is to repolish the surface, but this method is expensive. When ordering granite glossy, and want to know whether it has been stained, you can use the following methods: take a clean rag, pour Some acetone on the surface of the granite, check. If there is any residue or black on the surface, it means that the granite has been dyed. After all that, did you know?

do you knowblack graniteCan "glow

1. There are many different factors for the difference between black granite and marble. According to the chemical composition, marble is classified as carbonate stone, accounting for more than 50%. It usually has obvious patterns and many mineral particles. Black granite is mainly composed of Quartz, feldspar, amphibole, pyroxene, olivine and biotite,

2. Investigate the stone before all grinding, including stone variety, color difference, stone gap, defect and hollow, stone scissors and flatness, stone pollution, stone protection, etc. to ensure the construction effect, etc. Stone (see Xiechang Stone's official website blog for details) has high hardness, so the construction difficulty is relatively high; if the technology is not up to standard, there will usually be wear marks, imprints, etc.

3. Why do the overall grinding of the above-ground stone? The purpose is to improve the functionality and overall decorative application of the above-ground stone. Before large-scale construction, conduct small sample processing to confirm the correct process and materials.