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Black granite manufacturers describe the evaluation criteria of granite

  black graniteThe engineering board manufacturer said that granite is a granular crystalline rock, and the main component ores are alkaline feldspar and quartz. The black granite engineering board manufacturer said that the quality of the finished finished stone can be identified from the following four aspects:

One view is to observe the surface structure of the stone with the naked eye. Generally speaking, the stone with a uniform fine-grained structure has a fine texture and is the best stone; the stone with a coarse-grained and unequal-grained structure has poor appearance and poor mechanical properties. Uniform, slightly poor quality. In other natural stones, due to the influence of geological action, some veins and micro-cracks often occur in the middle, and the stone is easy to break along these parts, so care should be taken to remove it. As for the lack of edges and corners, it affects the appearance. Be especially careful when choosing.

2. Quantity, that is, the size and specification of the stone. Avoid affecting the splicing or forming the spliced ​​picture, pattern, line deformation, and affecting the decoration effect.

3. Listen, that is, listen to the sound of the percussion of the stone. Generally speaking, the stone of good quality, fine and uniform inside and no microscopic cracks, the percussion sound is clear and pleasant; on the contrary, if there are microscopic cracks or veins inside the stone, or due to Weathering causes the contact between particles to become loose, and the percussion sound is hoarse.

4 Test, that is, use a simple experimental method to check the quality of the stone. Usually, a small drop of ink is dropped on the reverse side of the stone. If the ink is quickly dispersed and leached out at 4 places, it means that the internal particles of the stone are loose or there are microscopic cracks. The quality of the stone is not good; otherwise, the stone is fine and the texture is good.

In the selection of finished plates, because the stone materials are natural, it is impossible to have the same texture, and the level of craftsmanship in mining and processing is also different. Most of the stones are graded. There are 5 colors and 6 color spots, and some are solid colors. The finer the mineral particles, the better.