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Tombstone Feng Shui knowledge you need to know

One, day classes

Choose an auspicious moment according to the sitting of the black tombstone. If the black tombstone is on the Qingming Festival, it should be within a week and a half of the week before the Qingming Festival. If the black tombstone is black at other times, the moment must be selected accurately, and it is not to be careless. Why It is not necessary to choose the exact time for erecting tombstones before and after the Qingming Festival? In Feng Shui, there are two time periods in a year that do not need to be selected. Tree planting and other shady house matters are not taboo, which is why people focus all shady house matters on Qingming Festival.

2, the orientation [i.e. sitting degree] is reasonable

This operation is very professional, and it is necessary to use the compass to accurately locate the geographical shape according to the position of the flowing water, the position of the terrain, and the position of the pond.

3, the texture and color of the tablet surface

The material of the tombstone is good and durable to weathering. The color of the tombstone surface should be black or gray, black and gray have a dignified feeling, and the color is cool, which is yin, and is also suitable for use in a shady house. The lustful family is lustful. Among them, according to the direction (front) of the stele face, the 8 hexagrams house, the south should be gray and not black, and the east and southeast should be black and not gray.

4, the size and shape of the tombstone

It should not be too high or too short, generally lower than the belly height but not the neck, not the bigger the better. The general public's tomb is not too huge, not the emperor's tomb, the huge monument stands in front of the cave, forming a pressure on the tomb. On the contrary, it will affect the future of future generations, and the descendants will not be prosperous. The shape of the tombstone should be rectangular, and it should be well-behaved, not too narrow or too wide. If the tombstone is short and wide, the descendants will be short and fat.

5, the orientation of the tombstone

There are tombstones on the coffin head and on the coffin foot. Standing on the coffin head, it is called Yin Stele, which is beneficial to Ding Yansi, the coffin foot, and the family wealth. When you reach the coffin and press on the coffin head, future generations will suffer from head problems such as headaches, stupid, stupid, mental illness, etc. If they press on the coffin feet, future generations will suffer from leg problems. In addition, the foundation of the tombstone must be solid to prevent the tombstone from sagging in the future, otherwise it will be dismissed. Leaving hometown, descendants walk crookedly.