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How to clean stone in Chinese black tombstone

  Chinese black tombstoneThe diseases of stone can be basically divided into two categories: one is that the micropores of the stone are occupied by foreign objects, and the microstructure of the Chinese black stone itself has not been significantly damaged. , water stains and water spots, oil spots and oil stains, etc. For this type of disease, professional cleaning is a good method. The other type is that the microstructure of the stone has been damaged to a certain extent, such as surface loss, chalking, Shell peeling, holes, cracks, etc. For Category 2 conditions, the refurbishment method is generally used.

Cleaning: Professional cleaning is a method of cleaning for different causes of stone diseases and different objects. We have discussed the cleaning technology of stone or stone cultural relics many times. Here we mainly focus on the cleaning of deep stone micropores of decorative stone, We call it 'deep cleaning' of stone. Generally speaking, deep cleaning of stone should include at least the following 3 steps:

(1) The cleaning agent enters the micropores of the stone through the penetration process;

(2) The cleaning agent has a physical or chemical effect on the dirt molecules in the micro-L gap of the stone;

(3) Remove the residue after cleaning by suction or dilution.

Items 1 and 3 here are the basic operation steps necessary to complete deep cleaning, and the second step, that is, the cleaning agent that can interact with the dirt molecules needs to be determined according to the nature of the dirt, the material of the Chinese black stone and the convenience of the treatment process. Elaborate design and experimentation. The chemical method has a unique effect here. At present, we have cleaned rust and yellow spots, organic stains, salt spots and white flowers, some water marks and water spots, etc., and continue to improve and develop. New cleaning agents. In addition to the common chemical cleaning methods, we are also trying to experiment with some safer physical cleaning methods, such as steam flow, particle flow, electrochemical, ultrasonic or laser cleaning methods.