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How to carve an inscription on a black tombstone

Generally, there is a stele seat on the stone stele of a black tombstone. The rammed foundation is seated, and the stele can be erected on the pedestal. If there is an incense case, it must be placed in front of the stele. .

Black tombstones are generally engraved with the name of the owner of the tomb, the name of the person who erected the tombstone (usually the descendants), the date of erection, etc. The inscription on the inscription must be inscribed, that is, concave, not convex. Secondly, the number of words should be too high. The ecliptic. The ecliptic, originating from the Taoism of Zhangling, is consistent with the 12th building division and choosing the day. According to the calculation, the single digits of the total number of words are 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 9. It is auspicious. According to the calculation, the single digits of the total number of words are 1, 2, 6, and 7. But the number of words should not be rigid. Furthermore, the font should not be running script, cursive script, it should be solemn Wei Bei type, official script, regular script. Drinking-shaped image (drinking-shaped image, refers to the mountains around the cave site that resemble some kind of animal shape, such as ant fields, centipede fields, tiger fields, cattle fields, civet cats and mice, tigers descending the mountains, dragons playing in pearl fields, phoenix fields It is not advisable to erect a stele, and there must be special contents in the sacrifice, such as tiger-shaped land, meat in sacrifice, and 5 grains in ant land.

The stone tablet of the black tombstone should be protected in the future after it is erected. If it is skewed, it should be corrected. The fallen bird droppings should be wiped off. If it is cracked, it should be repaired or replaced. The upper house came out to be ill, there was a disaster in the long house (old age) on the left side of the monument, and women were damaged on the back of the monument.