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How to Repair the Appearance of a Stone Tombstone

Tombstone manufacturers today introduce to you that the surface of the stone tombstone should be washed before repairing. Symbol processing. Then it is necessary to dry the stone to ensure that the stone surface is dry, and then apply a layer of primer to the place that needs to be repaired. When doing this step, be careful to splash around the place that does not need repair, you can use some cardboard Wait for the ingredients to seal the surrounding area.

The repair paint is repeatedly sprayed in the place that needs to be repaired. Remember not to apply too thick at one time. The thickness of one time is about 1mm. Repeatedly apply to the completely repaired position. After drying, apply a layer of waterproof paint on the repaired place. Here are the A very important point is that the color of the waterproof paint should be consistent with the color of the stone carving, otherwise it will appear very abrupt and affect the beauty of the stone carving tombstone.

How to confirm the size of a burial tombstone? When customizing a tombstone, the person who needs to customize should first understand the size, terrain, orientation, and depth of the cemetery, so that the tombstone manufacturer can give pertinent and professional advice based on the actual situation. Because some The height scale of burial tombstones is properly considered in the local area. In order to ensure the coordination of burial tombstones, the scale of tombstones should be determined according to the height of the tombstone. The height confirms that each share is fixed, and the scale of other small parts is naturally determined. down.

However, due to the many components of the burial tombstone, and in order to ensure the overall coordination of the burial tombstone, it takes a lot of time to calculate the size of each component, which is why the processing technology of stone-carved tombstones is more complicated than other stone-carved products.