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The importance of granite in landscape engineering

First, the common imported granites in garden engineering are: Saudi Arabia: gold diamond, Jeddah red; South Africa: South Africa red, etc.; Brazil: Symphony green, dark green hemp, daughter red, coral red, etc.; India: Indian black sand, Kashmir gold , Symphony red, Indian red, Indian golden hemp, etc.; USA: American grey hemp, American white hemp, etc.;

2. How to use natural stone in garden engineering landscape

1, interior and exterior finish materials, do not accept any mechanical load

2. The materials of retaining walls, stone barges, chairs, benches, pavements, and steps that accept a certain load are required to have good weather resistance and physical and mechanical properties.

3. Large-scale monuments, towers, columns, sculptures, nameplates, solitary stones and other landscape stones that bear their own weight

3. Post-cleaning and maintenance of natural stone

Through deep processing, excavation, pollution and environmental factors, natural stone will have many lesions, and it needs to be cleaned and polished to restore its value.

1. Do not contact strongly acidic and alkaline materials

For example: acid often forms the oxidation of pyrite minerals in granite and produces yellowing phenomenon (2-valent iron is oxidized to 3-valent iron), acid will decompose calcium carbonate contained in marble, convert it into calcium bicarbonate, and form a surface Erosion state; alkali will also erode the grain boundaries of feldspar and quartz silicide crystals in granite to form a phenomenon of grain peeling. Therefore, acid and alkali materials are the culprit of damaging the mirror surface of the stone.

2, do not wax at will

There are many kinds of waxes on the market, including water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oil-based wax, acrylic wax, etc. These waxes all contain acid and alkali materials. They will not only block the pores of the stone, but also stain with dirt and dust. Wax stains will cause yellowing on the surface of the stone. However, if waxing is necessary for pedestrians and occasions where the frequency of goods circulation is extremely high, it is necessary to consult the leaders of professional maintenance companies for waxing and maintenance.

3. Do not use non-neutral cleaners indiscriminately

In order to clean quickly, the general cleaning agent contains acid and alkali, so if the cleaning agent of unknown composition is used for a long time, the surface luster of the stone will be lost, and the residue of non-neutral agent is also the main cause of stone disease in the future.

4, can not cover the carpet for a long time, sundries

In order to keep the stone breathing smoothly, it should be prevented from covering the carpet and sundries on the stone surface for a long time, otherwise, the moisture under the stone cannot be volatilized through the stone capillary pores. The stone will be annoying due to excessive moisture and increased water content If it is necessary to lay carpets and pile up sundries, please do not forget to change it frequently.

To sum up, in the landscape of garden engineering, the stone should be selected according to the needs of the landscape, according to the natural and exquisite functions, characteristics and colors of the stone, which can not only reflect the design style, but also use the stone economically and reasonably to make the garden hard. The quality landscape is beautiful, timeless and classic.