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Design Requirements for Traditional Tombstones

The definition of traditional tombstone design can be divided into the planning of traditional tombstones and the planning of artistic tombstones. It generally refers to schematic, artistic and professional, and is one of the plans developed from the needs of the times. Vision and meaning are used as methods of communication and expression .Create and combine symbols, ornaments, pictures, life experiences and life meanings, values ​​through a variety of methods, thereby making visual representations used to convey ideas or messages to express condolences and remembrance. Tombstone planners may use typography , visual arts, sculpture, decoration, page layout and other professional skills to achieve the intention of creating a plan. Tombstone planning usually refers to the process of production (planning) and the finished work.

traditional tombstone design

The art of tombstones does not mean that traditional Chinese tombstones have nothing to do with art. Traditional Chinese folk tombstones also have some artistic decorative shapes, such as reliefs, openwork, stone figures, birds and animals, etc., but traditional tombstones are more used for construction The language of the building is not constructed with the language of sculpture, such as stone pedestals, stone sills, stone tables, railings, balustrades, reliefs and openwork are decoration of these building components, but often subordinate to some stylized stereotypes of the building. An artistic image without personality. Because of the lack of personality, no matter where it is used or who it is used by, it is a face, more than solemn but not angry enough. When people enter such a cemetery, they will feel rigid, monotonous and oppressive.

Sculpture is an art form to build tombstones, which will make the environment full of anger, show a strong civilized atmosphere, and express an understanding of life and respect for life. Each deceased has its own personality, whether it is a great man or an ordinary person. People, including image, character, occupation, worship and experience. These words cannot be expressed in the language of construction, but the language of sculpture art and life can be well communicated and transformed, and every tombstone is a complete piece of art The works are the reappearance, summary and improvement of the life of the deceased. People lingering in such tombs get joy, infection and enlightenment, and for the society, it is the inheritance and promotion of human civilization, and it is a contribution to human civilization.

Thanks to the support of new and old customers over the years, we have continuously improved and improved ourselves, and we have gone hand in hand with customers to develop together and create brilliance together. We continue to innovate the management model of the enterprise in production and operation to build a scientific, planned and professional management platform , In the future journey, we sincerely hope to go hand in hand with all the new and old households, win-win cooperation, and jointly create a beautiful new brochure.