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What determines the price of black tombstones in China?

In recent years, with the improvement of domestic living standards and the understanding of this kind of stone, Chinese people have also joined the consumer group of black tombstones in our country. Because now some people die, they need tombstones for identification and improvement of living conditions, black tombstones in our country. The demand for black tombstones in my country is increasing day by day. The following is an introduction to my country's black tombstone industry by Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory.

In fact, black tombstones have a great competitive advantage in the Russian market. They are characterized by high quality and low price. They are generally about half cheaper than similar products in Europe. There are still huge profit margins. According to the Russian building materials website, black tombstones are in The price is much cheaper than Italy, Greece and India. It only sells for about 150 US dollars per cubic meter in the Russian market. Black stone is the main material of black tombstones, and the export of black tombstones is relatively scattered. According to my country's customs import and export statistics , Black tombstones are exported to more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Among them, Russia, Europe and the United States are the main export destinations of my country's black stone, accounting for 56.3% of my country's total black stone exports.

In the mountains, the ore bodies are distributed in a belt, and now they must be mined to a very deep depth. Originally looking up, now looking down at the dizzy valley! Such mining increases the cost and doubles the cost of the material. Added. But the export volume of stone tablets is still increasing. This is inseparable from the physical properties of high-quality stone such as black in our country. As a fine granite, it has a density of nearly 3 tons\/cubic , Under the natural environment, it has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, making the commemorative meaning a lasting symbol! With the seriousness and solemnity of everything in black, there is still potential for increased demand.

In terms of the types of steles, the black steles in my country now appear in Japan, Europe, America, Russia, the Middle East, Japan's set of steles, the general main stele of Europe and the United States, the tomb cover of the Middle East, the 5 steles of Russia, and the small shadow-carved steles.

Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory is located in the production area rich in Shanxi black granite. We mainly process Shanxi black gold points and no gold points. The company adheres to the operation philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by reputation", and constantly change and innovate .Sales all over the country and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, Russia, and is deeply trusted by domestic and foreign customers. Thanks to the support of new and old customers over the years, we continue to improve ourselves, and we work hand in hand with customers to develop together and create brilliance.