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The meaning of the tombstone of Father Lachaise

There has always been a saying in China: people can't choose their birth, but they can choose their own destiny. Simply put, people can't choose what kind of family environment or city they are born in, but they can choose what local and what city they are buried in. Foreigners from all over the world chose to be buried in Paris, which means they chose a free day, which is also the meaning of the tombstone of Father Lachaise.

Regarding the cemetery tombstone, the intuitive understanding is: the living area is called the day community, and the place where the deceased lives is called the cemetery tombstone. People have always avoided talking about the cemetery tombstone. Except for the Qingming Festival or traditional sacrificial festivals, people They will bring sacrificial supplies to worship, and will not go there at other times. However, in foreign countries, local people call this kind of memorial garden, and they will often stroll and travel in the memorial garden, which is not taboo like in my country. Let's appreciate the memorial garden abroad - the tombstone of Father Lachaise in Paris.

The tombstone of Father Lachaise can be said to be the largest stone monument in Paris and one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. Celebrities who have made outstanding contributions to France for 200 years attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the tombstone every year.

Tombstones are just like the communities in which people live. They are also a mirror of social phenomena, which can directly reflect the various relationships between various species in society. Therefore, when designing tombstones, it is not only to reflect the sorrow and sorrow, but also to learn Use the spatial vision of the building to create a cemetery that reflects the social environment, natural landscape, funeral civilization and landscape architecture.

Lachaise Tombstone Celebrity Cemetery attracts many tourists, and his wall is also a must-see for tourists. The Member Wall is a small section of the Lachaise Tombstone Wall, where the members of the Paris Commune died heroically. This wall is about 2 The other side of the wall is a residential area. After the baptism of history, there are no traces of the battle left on the wall now, and the white marble inlaid on the wall has turned gray.

Lachaise Tombstone is not a special burial place for famous leaders. There are also many commoners buried here. As long as people can afford to pay, they can choose stone tablets for burial. Many families with better economic conditions buy a large cemetery and build a small house. , pavilions or basements, where deceased relatives are buried, and those who cannot afford a cemetery can also buy a local burial place enough to store ashes for a small amount of money.