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What should I do if moss grows on black stone in Zhangqiu?

The reason why Zhangqiu black stone grows moss and how to prevent it? Zhangqiu black stone can be used as decoration materials for outdoor buildings, but the stone has suffered from natural invasions such as wind and rain for a long time outdoors. Over time, the stone will grow moss and other low Waiting for plants, what is going on? The reason is that when the seeds of plants fall on the surface of Zhangqiu black stone after being blown by the wind, they will start to grow in a suitable environment. In order to grow better, the roots of plants will grow. It secretes a small amount of H plus ions to convert the metal ions in the mineral deposits and become the nutrients for the moss. The moss absorbs water on the surface of the stone for a long time, which will make the stone under the stone wet for a long time, resulting in metamorphosis and discoloration. Even the stone is broken .

In order to reduce the damage of moss to Zhangqiu black stone, how should we deal with it? Generally, professional stone moss agent is used to remove the moss on the stone surface by biological decomposition. Matters needing attention when using stone moss agent. More serious Protruding moss needs to be removed with a scraper in advance, or wrapped with a plastic bag to enhance the effect. Moss remover is a liquid, which can be sprayed directly on the surface of the stone without dilution. After a few hours, its tiny tissue It has been decomposed, and the residual tissue can be washed with clean water. After the moss agent is sprayed on the surface of the stone, it needs a slow charging process before it can be cleaned. After the stone is cleaned, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. In use, do not splash the moss agent on the eyes by mistake. If it is accidentally splashed, you need to use a lot of water to clean the eyes. You can use an acidic cleaning agent to prevent the acid cleaning agent from affecting the surface of Zhangqiu black stone. corroded, resulting in unnecessary losses.

The above are just some basic methods that the author has summarized from practice for reference. I hope this brief introduction can help you. If you have any questions, please call for consultation.