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What are the aspects of the stone surface of garden engineering?

What are the surfaces of the stone for garden engineering? Today we will introduce you to Lianyungang Longtaiwei Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.

1, fire noodles

The surface is rough, the stone is heated at high temperature during production, the crystal bursts, and the rapid cooling forms a rough burning surface.

2, polished surface

The surface is very smooth, highly ground and polished, and has a high-gloss mirror effect. Granite, marble and limestone generally contain natural crystals. After polishing, these crystals reflect light and make the stone surface glossy, but different maintenance methods are required to maintain its gloss. .

3, matte surface

The mirror gloss of the stone is very low, generally less than 10 degrees.

4, natural surface

The surface of the natural surface is rough, but it is not as rough as the fire. Generally speaking, the natural surface stone refers to the surface formed by nature without any treatment, which is the surface formed naturally in the stone, such as the slab of slate, the joint of granite, etc. etc. But the natural face in the market refers to the natural undulating face formed by splitting, knocking and breaking, so it is also called natural splitting face or splitting natural face.

5, chop axe noodles (cut mask)

Also called longan face or cut mask, it is chopped and hammered on the stone surface with an axe to form a very dense stripe pattern, which is somewhat like the effect of longan skin, and the roughness can be selected, which is a commonly used finish in Chinese gardens.

6, lychee noodles

The surface is rough and uneven, which is to use a chisel to cut out small holes on the surface, which has an effect of imitating the drop of water droplets on the stone over the years.

7, machine cut noodles

It is directly cut by a circular saw, sand saw or bridge cutting machine and other equipment, and the surface is rough and has obvious machine cutting lines.

8, mushroom noodles

Generally, artificial chopping is used, and the effect is similar to that of natural chopping, but the sky surface of the stone is a plateau-like shape with a 4-week depression in the middle.

9, pineapple noodles

The surface of the stone pineapple surface is more uneven than the lychee surface, just like the skin of a pineapple.

10, brushed surface

The brushed surface of the stone is also called the machine-planed surface. The grooves of a certain depth and width are opened on the surface of the stone. It is a special processing technology of the stone, which can play a special texture of anti-slip and texture.