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How is Zhangqiu black stone processed?

In recent years, more and more black stone materials are used in the construction market for dry hanging of exterior walls and interior decoration. With the wide application of Zhangqiu black stone materials, the stone deep processing technology is also becoming more and more mature. So how does Zhangqiu black stone carry out deep processing? Well, let me introduce it to you below.

1. Thickness setting: refers to setting the thickness of one side or the back of several sides of the black stone to make it reach the specified thickness. Some also need to fully determine the thickness.

2. Small section processing: refers to the thickness of the front of the black stone to a certain size or that the small mouth of the plate is cut off according to the processing size.

3. Cut off: according to the requirements of the processing order, cut off a part of the sheet according to the drawings or templates to make it the desired shape.

4. Slotting: According to a certain depth, the groove is drawn at the designated position. There are front and back grooves, as well as small openings.

5. Bonding: It is to bond 2 or more pieces of black stone together with glue. There are corner bonding and fixed thickness bonding, as well as plane bonding. Mechanical crushing of weathered minerals and rocks under surface conditions The process of cracking and chemical decomposition is called weathering. Most of the stone exposed on the surface of the earth's crust is under different physical and chemical conditions than when it was formed, and the surface is rich in oxygen, carbon dioxide and water, so the stone is easily changed and destroyed. .Mainly as follows: the whole piece of Zhangqiu black stone becomes fragmented, or its composition changes, so that the hard stone becomes loose debris and soil.

The role of the surface stone in the original mechanical crushing without changing its chemical composition or producing new minerals is called physical weathering. For example, thermal expansion and contraction of mineral stone, spallation and salt crystallization can make the stone change from a large block to a block. Small pieces or even complete fragmentation. Chemical weathering refers to the change of chemical composition and mineral composition of surface stone under the action of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, and the production of new minerals. Mainly through dissolution, hydration , hydrolysis, carbonation and oxidation to carry out chemical weathering of black stone burning board. I hope the above introduction can provide some reference for everyone, I wish you a good mood every day.