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Shanxi black tomb manufacturers introduce black granite

There are many kinds of modern tomb steles, including old-style dragon and phoenix steles and new-style art steles. When choosing a stele, there is a dizzying feeling. In fact, if you want a stele, you should not care about the quality of the stone, but should focus on the selection of colors. When there is a conflict between the mountain and the orientation on the 5th line, the stone tablet can play a harmonious effect on the mountain and the orientation.

Most of the stele raw materials we see in China are granite. In fact, people used granite as stele many years ago, just because the stele is dense in texture and resistant to weathering, so it has continued to this day. Slowly People also have new requirements for the appearance and color of the stele. Most of them in China use black, gray and white.

When I went to Japan many years ago, the steles in the Kanto region were mostly gray-black and green granite, and the Kansai region liked gray granite with a lighter tone. Don't look at the cultural background contained in just a stele. It's far more than that.

  black graniteTo make cemetery tombstones with high-end atmosphere, Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory is located in Hunyuan County Industrial Park, Shanxi Province. , Sales of stone materials such as engineering boards, after years of inexplicable efforts of all employees.

Black granite is used to make cemetery tombstones with high-end atmosphere. Granite has become a natural stone that people like more and more because of its unique charm, and black granite has super stain resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance, compression resistance, insulation function and mystery. The elegant appearance is more liked. Now black granite is the natural stone used in some prestigious projects.

At present, there is an experienced and skilled tombstone production professional team! It mainly produces Shanxi black granite, which is widely used in cemetery tombstones, garden projects, etc. Over the years, the factory has been adhering to the principle of "customer-centered, quality-based, With the business philosophy of "market-oriented, humanistic-based", the company sells all over the country and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and Russia, and is deeply trusted by domestic and foreign customers. Continuously introduce more advanced technology and production equipment, improve product quality, and better serve the vast majority of Customers. Welcome to inquire!