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What are the techniques of Shanxi black tombstones?

1. Mining of black stone in Shanxi

Most of the raw materials for a formed Shanxi black tombstone come from Shanxi black stone. These Shanxi black stones need to be mined in mines, and professional technicians are required to mine these stones. In addition to Shanxi black stone, other granite stones mainly include: Shanxi black, white marble, sesame black, sesame white, Luoyuan red, as well as imported Indian red, British brown, etc. The domestically produced granite stones are very high-end in Shanxi black. Generally, a luxurious tombstone will use Shanxi black stone.

2. Processing of Shanxi black stone

1. To transport the mined stone from the black mining area of ​​Shanxi to the factory for processing, it needs to go through a diamond disc bulk cutting machine, and then according to the size of the tombstone's drawings, cut the stone of the basic large parts required by the tombstone.

2. Use a small cutting machine to cut the required small parts of the tombstone according to the specific dimensions of the tombstone's drawings. In this way, the generally required stone materials for each part of a tombstone have been cut. .

After stone processing and cutting, the stone is generally block-shaped and strip-shaped. It is necessary to use drilling machinery and other equipment to process arcs with different curvature radii, grooves on the surface of tombstones, and various types of end faces of tombstones. shape to make it generalize the basic shape.

3. Processing of black tombstone stones in Shanxi

1. Grind the basic stone with a hand grinder, and then use a small manual machine to grind other small end faces and curved surfaces, and the basic shape of a tombstone is basically fixed.

2. Use a hand-held water mill to polish a large plane, such as the main tombstone and the cover of the tombstone, which need to be polished.

4. Carve the surface of the Shanxi black tombstone

Generally, for the luxurious appearance of tombstones, some patterns will be engraved, as well as reliefs, sunken carvings, etc. For example: dragon pillars, stone lions, elephants, Ruyi and so on. Generally, luxurious artistic tombstones will need some carved ornaments. In highlighting the grandeur of the tombstone.

5. Completely install and inspect the finished products of Shanxi black tombstones

Because tombstones are processed and manufactured in separate parts, after all parts are processed, all processed parts must be checked, and a complete set of installation and inspection must be carried out. If there is a problem there and need to be modified, it must be corrected immediately to prevent the arrival of the goods. There is a problem with the customer.

6, Packaging of Shanxi black tombstones

The price of a black tombstone in Shanxi will be relatively high, so special protective measures must be taken during the packaging process. Medicinal foam and wooden frames are required to classify and package the products according to their components, and the products must be packaged and packaged outside the package. Customer information to prevent product disorder.