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The effect of Zhangqiu Hei at high temperature

After the experimental certification of experts, it is indicated that under the real-time high temperature effect (normal temperature -850 degrees Celsius) and after the high temperature effect is cooled (normal temperature -1300 degrees Celsius), Zhangqiu black granite specimens have been subjected to uniaxial compression. The total stress-strain curve of granite under real-time high temperature effect, the mechanical characteristics and acoustic emission characteristics of the whole process of rock failure after high temperature effect cooling are obtained.

Under the real-time high temperature effect, the mechanical properties such as Zhangqiu black strength deteriorate one after another; after the high temperature effect cools down, an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the granite in the temperature range of 200 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius. After that, the intensity decreased, and more obvious plastic characteristics appeared, and the granite structure produced the phase transition behavior of brittle-plastic transition; after the rock sample was subjected to high temperature effect above 900 degrees Celsius, the acoustic emission signal intensity decreased and the duration increased, especially after the peak intensity. , the residual plastic deformation releases relatively dense AE signals. With the increase of the temperature of the rock sample, the time point when the sudden dense AE signals appear is delayed.

The texture of sesame black granite is firm and belongs to hard stone, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, sun resistance, ice and snow resistance, good durability, and the general service life is 70200 years. , With rich texture and gorgeous and noble decoration effect, it is a commonly used material in high-end decoration projects.

Zhangqiu Heiqi is mainly composed of crystals and millions of bacteria inside, and the interior contains some water more or less.