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Correct cleaning and maintenance tips for black granite tombstones

The main material for making stone tablets on the market is black granite. Because it is exposed to the outdoors for a long time, it is very important for the maintenance and cleaning of granite stone tablets. Here are some simple precautions for cleaning granite.

Stone maintenance is mainly divided into two types: cleaning and protection. The main principle of protection is that the effective substances in the protective agent enter the interior of the stone with the solvent. After the solvent is naturally volatilized, the effective substances and the stone crystals combine to form an effective protective barrier under the stone surface. Prevent the entry of external and internal pollution, so as to protect the stone and prolong the life of the stone. Because the protected stone has a greatly reduced water absorption rate, it can be said that it absorbs almost no water; as long as the water does not penetrate into the stone, the pollution will also be reduced. There is no way to produce it. The protected stone has the following characteristics: waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-ultraviolet (delays the fading time of the stone), anti-freeze, anti-dissolution, adheres to the permeability of the stone, and can reduce the difficulty of daily maintenance.

From the natural weathering damage of ancient stone cultural relics to the various natural damages and lesions of building stones today, the loss of composition is huge. Learn how to take effective precautions to prevent and control these damages and lesions to the greatest extent possible. , becomes more and more important.

How to renovate the black granite monument in Shanxi

After we use the imperial concubine red stone for a long time, it will inevitably lose its color, so how do we renovate it, let's find out together.

1. Repair the damage and the middle seam repair glue: first repair the damaged surface of the stone, and use the marble glue close to the color of the stone to complete the damaged part of the granite monument. Then use a special stone seam machine to re-assemble the middle seam of the original stone device. Neatly cut the slits to make the width of the slits almost the same, and then use marble glue close to the color of the stone to fill the damaged areas.

2. Grinding of the notch position: Use the granite stone tablet refurbishment machine to cooperate with the special notch grinder to carefully polish the notch position to make it a flat whole with the stone.

3. Grinding and polishing: Use a special granite stone polishing machine to grind the stone from coarse to fine with the stone water mill, so that the appearance of the stone returns to the previous bright and flat.

4. Crystallization treatment: The granite monument stone crystal powder and crystallizing agent are used for polishing with a stone refurbishment machine. Under the heavy pressure of grinding, the stone and crystallized powder will undergo physical and chemical induction reactions under the effect of high temperature, forming a layer of fine and firm crystal protection. Layer. After crystallization, it can enhance the color and brightness, and also achieve anti-slip, waterproof, oil-proof and other effects.