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Shanxi black tombstone has become a typical architectural representative in my country?

In the 5,000-year-old civilization development of our country, craft civilization is a very important part. It has accumulated traces of time and deposited more artistic beauty. From the perspective of my country's craft civilization, stone carving is a splendid representative. The development shows more of the traditional beauty of our country. There are many stone carving works. The more typical representative is the Tombstone Square, which shows the classic beauty of carving in the ups and downs of history. So what is the significance of the Tombstone Square? Why can it become a typical architectural representative of our country?

1. Inherit the art of Chinese architectural carving

Tombstone Square is a typical art work in stone carving. It has an early origin. The early works of Tombstone Square have been presented in the Zhou Dynasty. It consists of two pillars and a beam, which is a relatively simple design tombstoneIn the early stage, the requirements for carving are not high, and the practicability is strong. With the replacement of dynasties and the evolution of history, the image of the tombstone workshop has become more and more popular. The gate arch, and from the perspective of the change in the number of buildings, there are also 3 floors, 5 floors and so on. According to different regions, the tombstone square will be very different in the shape and carving, and the design style of the north and south has its own charm. , Tombstone Square can be in the flying style or the headless style, and the selection of carved patterns is also more diverse, which better shows the charming place of our traditional civilization, and has more auspicious and beautiful day wishes.

2. Inheriting traditional Chinese civilization

As a part of my country's traditional civilization, the tombstone square itself has a very high value. According to the test, the black tombstone was used as a sacrifice in the early Zhou Dynasty, and later became a sacrifice to Confucius. The role of the tombstone square in the historical There are more and more classifications in the development, and it has become a landmark building that shows personal achievements and praises virtues. It is also used to indicate place names. It can be seen that the cultural value of Tombstone Square itself is very high. Up to now, Tombstone Square has many other meanings. It is no longer there, but its iconic and symbolic role has not diminished in the slightest. It is widely used in temples, scenic spots and rural construction, so that it can become a display of the beauty of our country's civilization, and it can also become a symbol of our history. The basis of the record will be very helpful for the future display of the style of Tombstone Square.

As a part of Chinese civilization, the tombstone square has gradually displayed more wonderful appearances in the long years. It can inherit this traditional craftsmanship and will be of great assistance to the development of my country's own civilization. The style also allows us to find traces of the years and history in it, to find the beauty and splendor attributed to the Chinese civilization, and to witness the history of our country.