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About the importance of Shanxi black tombstones

First, status. The luxury of the tombstone symbolizes the status of the deceased

2. Historical records. The tombstone is equivalent to a small historical record, which records your birthday, death, name, and descendants.

3. Feng Shui. The orientation and height of tombstones should follow the principles of Feng Shui.

4. Reminiscence. Let future generations see the tombstone and see things and people.

5. Artistic. Tombstones are also a major feature of the Chinese nation and are considered a kind of cultural heritage.

After a person dies, if a tomb is to be erected, most of them must have a tombstone inscription. The tombstone is generally engraved with the deceased's name, place of origin, achievements, date of death, and the name of the person who erected the monument and the relationship with the deceased. Writing the inscription should be filled with the deceased. Respect and affection. In the 22nd year of the Republic of China, Henan Tongzhi·Suixian interview draft·Yuan Keli's tombstone is greater than: "Yuan Shangshu can set up a tombstone, 4 miles south of (Suizhou) city, and east of Liudian Village. The monument is 8 miles high. Chi, Jiaochi on the top, and crotches on the bottom, with a height of about zhang or more, it is still called the system.