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How to remove moss from Zhangqiu black stone

How to remove moss from Zhangqiu black stone from Zhangqiu black manufacturer? We all know that the use of Zhangqiu black stone from Zhangqiu black manufacturer can bring us great convenience. We want to know how to remove moss after use. Does it have an extended service life? Then the introduction below of the editor must not miss it. Come and let's take a look!

The first recommendation is, of course, the common method that we all use. Buy a bottle of disinfectant from the supermarket for a stone layout with a relatively small effective area. Any brand will do. I usually buy the one that I think is easy to use, and then prepare a small pot, and then Find a small stick, unscrew the disinfectant, and pour it into the basin. You can pour more or less according to the amount of moss on the ground, and then add some water to the basin. Add it until you feel it is almost the same, don't add too much. If it will not affect the effect, then stir it with a small wooden stick to make it evenly mixed. After mixing, sprinkle some on the ground with moss, and the moss on the ground will disappear immediately. Again, it is a moss remover, assuming If there are more, then teach us a little trick, you can first use a knife to eradicate large pieces of moss, and then use a moss remover, so the effect will be better.

How to use moss remover:

1. Moss removal agent is a liquid in a watering can, and it is not necessary to be diluted when sprayed directly.

2. Severe and prominent moss needs to be eradicated in advance to enhance the effect.

We all know that Zhangqiu black stone from Zhangqiu black manufacturers can be used both outdoors and indoors, so we must maintain the color of Zhangqiu black stone and make the correct Zhangqiu black stone. The maintenance of the stone can ensure its appearance quality and increase the service life of the stone.