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How to avoid the problem of the black part of Zhangqiu turning white

After using Zhangqiu black stone for a long time, you will find that the black part will turn white. So, what do we need to do to prevent Zhangqiu black stone from turning white?

1. Do a good job of protection. Zhangqiu black stone is easily polluted by dust, pigments and other substances, so it should be well protected.

2. The grinding optimization should be done well. The grinding optimization stage of Zhangqiu black stone should be continuously interspersed and ground for more than 3 times. The more times, the more uniform, and the clearer the background color of Zhangqiu black stone will be.

3. Avoid scratches, and avoid grit or hard objects caused by external causes from scratching the ground during construction. Clean up the mud on the site and the mud of the machine itself in time to avoid the debris from scratching the ground, and keep the ground highly clean. Avoid grinding discs There are coarse-grained scratches. Solution: When grinding, if there are prominent particles on the grinding disc, use a needle or blade to remove it.

In the current stone market, the black stone industry in Zhangqiu is booming. In recent years, stone building furniture has come to our side. Stone is closely related to human social civilization, especially in my country, the Use has now developed into an art and civilization, becoming the identity of a region or city.

The above are the protective measures for Zhangqiu black stone whitening introduced by Zhangqiu black stone manufacturers in detail. In addition, the structure of natural stone is compact and detailed, and its compressive performance is excellent. It is a good building material. Stone can resist water and wear. It is enduring and unchanged for thousands of years, and it is widely used, whether it is indoor or outdoor floors or windowsills, it can be used.

Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory is located in Hunyuan County Industrial Park, Shanxi Province, with its own mines and processing plants in Shanxi Black. The employees have worked hard for many years, and now they have an experienced and skilled tombstone production professional team! It mainly produces Shanxi black granite, which is widely used in cemetery tombstones, garden engineering, etc.