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What is the processing process of Zhangqiu black curb stone?

1, sawing processing

Zhangqiu black roadside stone sawing processing is to use a sawing machine to saw Zhangqiu black granite blocks into blocks of semi-waste products. This process is a rough processing process, and the main processing equipment in sawing processing is granite Special frame type large-scale automatic sanding sand saw, multi-blade bidirectional cutting machine, multi-blade computer-controlled granite cutting machine and granite disc sawing machine, etc.

2, grinding and polishing

Grinding and polishing is to process Zhangqiu black roadside stone wool into a rough shape of roadside stone whose thickness, flatness and smoothness meet the requirements. After semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing, the texture of Zhangqiu black granite is revealed. .

3, cutting processing

Cutting processing refers to cutting the ground Zhangqiu black curb stone wool to the specified length according to customer needs.

4, chisel processing

Zhangqiu black road along the stone cutting processing is to process the rough embryo into the desired product through wedge cracking, chiseling, chopping, trimming, grinding and other methods, and its surface can be pineapple noodles, longan noodles, lychee noodles, natural noodles, etc. Mushroom noodles, lagoon noodles, etc.

5, singeing processing

Zhangqiu black curb singeing processing, also known as fire processing, spraying processing, is to use the difference in thermal expansion coefficients of different mineral particles that make up granite, and use flame spraying to make the surface parts of the surface thermal expansion break and scatter, forming undulations. Orderly rough texture. This rough granite plate is very suitable for aerial decoration in slippery places and outdoor wall decoration.

6, Auxiliary processing

Auxiliary processing is to edging, chamfering, opening holes, drilling holes, milling grooves, milling edges, etc. on the cut and polished stone as needed. It can also make Zhangqiu black curb stones have a certain radian according to the construction requirements.

7, check and repair

During the processing and handling of Zhangqiu black curbstone, it is inevitable that there will be bumps. Before packing and shipping, the quality inspectors should pick out the products with bumps and defects, and stop bonding and repairing them to reduce the overall reject rate.