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Basic knowledge of Zhangqiu black granite

Zhangqiu black granite is mainly produced in the form of rock foundation, rock stock, rock block, etc., and is controlled by the regional geodetic structure. Generally speaking, the range is relatively large, and the distribution range is also very common, so the mining is relatively relatively On the other hand, it is easier to produce large materials during the mining process, and the joint development of the stone is relatively regular, which is conducive to the mining of stones with a relatively regular shape.

Zhangqiu black granite has a relatively high waste formation rate, which can be processed by some systems. The splicing performance of the plate is better, and the granite is not easy to be weathered, so it can be used as outdoor decoration stone.

The texture and texture of Zhangqiu black granite stone are very average, although the color is mainly black, but the color of some parts of the stone is also very beautiful.

In general, Zhangqiu black granite has many characteristics, the structure of granite is relatively dense, the compressive performance is relatively strong, the water absorption efficiency is low, the surface hardness is large, the chemical stability is better, and the durability is relatively strong.