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There are several aspects of traditional tombstone lettering

First, the text is exquisite. Traditional tombstones have strict text requirements. China is a multi-language place, mainly divided into simplified and traditional characters, as well as some minority languages, Manchu, Tibetan, Uyghur and so on. Simplified and traditional characters are commonly used in traditional tombstones. The content of the two is different, but the form of the text is different. Simplified characters are clear and crisp, while traditional characters are complex and powerful. , Yunnan, Guizhou and Taiwan will use traditional Chinese characters for writing, and other places are mostly simplified Chinese tombstones. From the perspective of aesthetics and artistry, traditional tombstones are recommended to be engraved with traditional Chinese characters, which will look more simple and have a strong sense of classical art. .

2. Sophisticated fonts. Tombstones have been integrated with the stone tablet culture since ancient times. Most of the stone tablets in China are Wei tablet, official script, regular script, running script, and cursive script. Traditional tombstones also follow this rule. The running script and cursive script are too elegant, and some characters are very It is difficult for people to see clearly, loses the function of the tombstone itself, and is gradually abandoned. Weibei is mostly used to write epitaphs, official script and regular script have become common fonts in the text of tombstones, modern carving skills are prosperous, and the slender Song Dynasty and imitation Song Dynasty are also mixed. Inscribed on the date of the tombstone.

3. The depth of the lettering. In the traditional tombstone culture, the deeper the tombstone lettering is, the better. The depth determines the clarity and plane effect of the tombstone text. In terms of emotions, the depth of the tombstone text also implies deep feelings. , The text leaves a deep imprint on the tombstone. Every stroke seems to record a person's long life, and it also expresses the unforgettable pain. However, modern people's understanding of the depth of lettering has changed. If the text is processed too deeply, it will only cause the text to crack, which is not beautiful. Therefore, the depth of the text has a lot to do with the fullness of the text. If the font effect is deepened within a reasonable range, it can create a round and full visual effect. , so the depth of the tombstone text generally does not exceed 2 cm.