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Characteristics of black granite stone used in Shanxi black tombstones

The stones used in Shanxi black tombstones are dense in structure, hard in texture, acid and alkali resistance, and weather resistance, and can be used outdoors for a long time. The characteristics and advantages of granite also include high bearing capacity, compressive ability and good grinding ductility. Cutting, shaping, can create thin and large plates, etc., can be made into a variety of surface effects - polishing, matt, fine grinding, burning, water jet treatment and sandblasting, etc.

Fired noodles have the following advantages over traditional machine-cut noodles:

1. The effect is rough, heroic and exquisite, and it is used as a stone dry-hanging project to be honest and modern.

2. It is used to pave the air of municipal gardens, with good anti-slip effect, creating a deep courtyard and artificial landscape of Suzhou scenery, revealing the historical and cultural background.

3. There is no limit to the thickness of the plate.

4. The color of the fire board is beautiful and gorgeous, and it has the performance of not wearing and fading forever.

Burnt noodles are mainly used in municipal paving projects (such as sidewalks, squares, and residential areas), landscaping, and in order to prevent slippage, the cut surface of the stone machine will be burned at high temperature to form "rough and heroic burnt noodles". Burnt noodles can also be used as external drying Wall dry hanging.