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How to properly maintain Chinese black tombstones

1. Immediately clean up the pollution on the surface of Chinese black tombstones: all stone materials have capillary pores, and pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) will easily penetrate into the interior of the stone along the capillary pores, forming a disturbing Disgusting stains, so you must choose a high-quality stone-specific protective agent to avoid pollution sources contaminating the stone. It is necessary to know that all protective agents cannot continuously block pollution for a long time, so once a pollution source falls on the stone, it must be cleaned immediately to avoid pollution. Penetrates into the pores of the stone.

2. Always keep the Chinese black tombstones ventilated and dry: the stone is afraid that the environmental humidity is too high. The water vapor will cause hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of the stone, resulting in water spots, white flowers, weathering, rust and yellow and other lesions, destroying Stone. Therefore, the place where the stone is installed should always be kept ventilated and dry.

3. Chinese black tombstones should be thoroughly maintained and cleaned: no matter hard granite or soft marble is not resistant to long-term damage by wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, dust collectors and electrostatic mops should be used from time to time to thoroughly dedust and clean Work. A dust-removing pad should be placed at the entrance of the commercial space to filter the sand from the shoes. It is recommended to wear slippers after entering the door to reduce the chance of sand and dust abrading the stone surface.

4. Chinese black tombstones should be maintained regularly to maintain the luster: dust removal and cleaning alone cannot make the bright stone luster persist. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly ask relevant companies to send people to do maintenance and luster reproduction maintenance.