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What is the significance of placing stone lions in front of tombstones?

On the tombstone, stone lions will be placed, why should they be placed? Next, we will explain in detail what the stone lions on the tombstone are about.

1. The stone lions are generally placed in pairs. The stone lions are left to kick the lion and the right to kick the ball. That is to say, the left foot of a pair of matching stone lions is caressing the little lion, while the right one is playing with hydrangea. Place When a stone lion is broken, it must be distinguished from left and right. When a stone lion is broken, it must be replaced with a new pair, not just one.

2. The stone lions in front of the tombstone are generally carved on the observation posts at the left and right ends of the railing, or placed in front of the left and right sides of the tombstone. As a part of the tombstone, the size should be appropriate, and the height should not exceed 2 of the main tombstone. If it is too tall, it will cause the appearance of the tombstone to be disharmonious, which is not conducive to the stability of the feng shui gas field of the tombstone.

3. The terrain should be considered when placing the stone lions. The best open terrain in front of the lion can show the extraordinary temperament of the lion.

4. The lion is very ferocious. When the stone lion is placed, the lion head must rush to the door.

In general, in traditional thought and culture, the lion is incomparably sublime. The lion can show the meaning of prosperity and endless life. It is the embodiment of wisdom and strength. It also means the position and majesty of the deceased. The health and safety of future generations. Therefore, people are accustomed to placing stone lions on the two sides of the tombstone, which is both a decoration and a very representative meaning.