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How to arrange the names of descendants engraved on the tombstone? The order of the children on the inscription?

The order of the names of the inscriptions is also very particular. According to the difference of seniority, age, and so on, there will be different orders. So what is the order of the names on the inscriptions? What is the order of the children of the inscriptions?

What are the names of descendants engraved on tombstones?

1, seniority:

There are three situations, elders, equals, and juniors. The order of the arrangement is that if there are juniors, don't erect monuments in the honor of equals, and if there are equals, don't erect monuments in the honor of elders, and only when the deceased has no descendants and whether or not they are equals. In honor of elders.

2, the order:

Mainly the younger generation of the deceased, the order of arrangement is:

Sequence: child → daughter → grandson → granddaughter → great-grandson → great-granddaughter → choose grandson → great-granddaughter → and so on,

3, old and young:

Only between the same generation, sons and sons line up together, daughters line up with daughters, the order is arranged, such as: first eldest son (zui left), second son, then 3 sons, and so on. The same is true for daughters, from the eldest daughter Start, again female, then 3 females.

The grandchildren take the older one as the eldest grandson, (the son of the eldest son is not necessarily the eldest grandson, the rank of grandchildren has nothing to do with the parents) and then arrange them in order.

4, special:

Stepsons should be in line, behind sons, in front of daughters, granddaughters should be in line behind granddaughters, and in front of grandsons.

What is the order of the children on the inscription?

1: The more common sort

The boss is close to the main inscription, and the farther away from the main inscription, the smaller.

It should be noted that sons are arranged according to age, but grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the eldest among great-grandchildren, and the eldest 2 are established by the head of the house, not by age. No matter how old you are, if it is the first house, Also be in the back.

2: Name

Written in the center of the tombstone. It is called "Zhongbang" here. In order to respect the elders, many respectful words were added in the past, such as father called Kao, Xian Kao, mother called concubine, Xian concubine, male Jiagong, Fujun, female Jiashi , Ruren. If the names of the husband and wife are written on the monument, they should be male on the left and female on the right.

The date of birth and death is written next to the middle list 2. It is still based on the male left and the female right. It is better to write the date completely. Because the time has passed, the household registration has been cancelled, and it has been passed on from generation to generation. The date of death is very difficult.

3 Tombstones

Including children, relatives, friends, and groups, should be written on the tiger side of the monument, that is, on the right side. All children should be written, and deceased children can be framed around the name. It is still arranged according to seniority, from left to right. There are also those who do not want to reveal their names, but they can write that their children stand in respect or stand up by kowtow, and stand up for worship.