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Tombstone stone analysis how to choose a tombstone

Tombstone stone analysis how to choose a tombstone

The selection of tombstone stone should consider the color, variety, grain, cracks, defects and physical and chemical properties of the stone.

Granite is the main stone used for tombstones, and the same area or even different areas have different preferences for the variety and color of tombstones. In addition to gray-black granite, Indian red magic red is red, yellow, green, gray-white, and blue. Granite can be used as a material for Western-style headstones, and some Western-style headstones also use red and white marble.

The gray series granite is the main material of Japanese tombstones. The so-called gray is the color characterized by gray, including dark gray, light gray, silver gray and blue gray. The polished surface of the stone is black, white, medium, fine flower, far The distance is gray (mixed color). In all gray stones, the polished surface is as silver-gray and bluish-gray as possible.

Tombstone Stone The color tone of the stone used for tombstones is very important. Tombstones are generally sold in sets. Therefore, the raw materials used as tombstones are required to be uniform in tone and consistent in crystal particle size. Try to use the same raw materials to cut various supporting stone products that meet the same set of tombstones. If you cannot choose from the same raw material, you should try to choose the raw material of the same color in the same mine and pit for processing.

The quality of the raw materials selected for tombstone stones has a great influence on the output. The raw materials selected for tombstones should be free of cracks, scars and colorless lines, requiring low water absorption, stable physical and chemical properties, and uniform crystallization. The processing plate is outstanding. However, considering the color of the same set of tombstones and the uniform particle size, the material of the tombstone should be selected from a certain block of raw materials.