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How to carefully craft a meaningful traditional tombstone!

A traditional tombstone consists of about a dozen parts, the main parts are the top of the tombstone, the main monument, the dragon and phoenix pillars, the guardrail, the cover plate, the pedal, etc. The traditional tombstone has a relief-shaped top of the tombstone, and the top of the tombstone is a combination of polishing and polishing techniques. The smooth and neat carving reflects the superb carving technology level of the tombstone manufacturer!

The dragon and phoenix pillars standing under the top of the stele symbolize the auspiciousness of the dragon and the phoenix and good luck! The dragon and phoenix pillars are exquisitely carved and adopt relief carving technology.

The two side guardrails of the traditional tombstone are a pair of ruyi shapes carved by round carvings against each other. Ruyi was a kind of auspicious display in ancient times, and it is also a traditional auspicious thing of the Chinese nation. It symbolizes power and status. Ruyi is carved on the traditional tombstone shape, which conveys good blessings such as wealth and auspiciousness, good fortune, good fortune, continuous prosperity, and rising.

In front of the tombstone is a pair of round carved stone elephants. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom, strength and unity. The elephant is homophonic "Xiang". In traditional customs, the elephant represents auspiciousness, peace, beauty and blessing. Carving auspicious, ruyi characters and gilding, auspicious Ruyi is auspicious "xiang" Ruyi! And placing a pair of stone elephants in front of the tombstone not only has the meaning of town house, but also has the meaning of attracting wealth and treasure, and wealth and fortune come together.

Tombstone manufacturers attach great importance to the content and details of every carving on the tombstone. The rich carving content can make traditional tombstones luxurious and magnificent, reflecting the status symbol of the tomb owner; on the other hand, tombstone manufacturers attach great importance to carving skills. A luxurious traditional tombstone needs to have exquisite carving skills to set off the luxury of the tombstone, especially in the shape of the traditional tombstone, the carving details are in place, in order to show the extraordinary significance of the traditional tombstone!