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Several techniques of tombstone stone carving


That is to say, a flat image is carved on the surface of the stone. It is a semi-planar carving. It is called a relief because the image is embossed on the stone surface. Relief is a single-level statue, with a relatively single content, without hollowing out the bottom. High-relief is a multi-level statue, the content is more complicated, and more openwork methods are used to hollow out, which is more attractive. and other parts.

round carving

Round carvings are flat and pseudo-shaped works of art that exist alone. Each side of the stone requires processing. The craftsmanship is known for hollowing out techniques and precision axe. There are many kinds of such carvings, most of which are single stone sculptures, and some are composed of multiple pieces. It is composed of stone materials. It is used for elephants, lions and other ornaments on the front and rear pillars of the tombstone fence.

Shen carving

Shen carving, also known as "line carving", is a work of art using the "water-milled sinking flower" carving method. This kind of carving method absorbs traditional strokes such as Chinese painting and meaning, stacking, line appearance scatter perspective, etc. After processing and polishing, trace the pattern and text, and then engrave the lines according to the diagram. The thickness of the line is horizontal, and the shadow is used to express the sense of planeness. Most of these are used in tombstone covers, railings, monument columns and other components, and have strong artistry.

Shadow carving

Shadow carving is a new handicraft developed on the basis of the "needle black and white" craftsmanship in the early years. This kind of carving is made of jade crystal lake bluestone cut and sawed into a flat plate. The characteristics of white dots are made with sharp tools to cut out micro dots of different sizes, depths, and density, and only divided into different levels of black and white, so that the image is displayed, which is not only delicate and realistic, but also has a unique charm. The development of stone carving has opened up a new way for the consumption of stone carving craftsmanship. It is mainly used in the carving of photos and images of the deceased on the main monument of tombstones.

In addition, there are other methods of stone carving, such as openwork, openwork, etc. Openwork is a technique developed in round carving. It is a Shoushan stone carving technique that expresses the plane space level of objects. Openwork is in relief works. The part of the object is partially hollowed out, and it is called openwork. These are relatively rare in tombstone manufacturing applications.

All in all, the completion of a tombstone is inseparable from the profound craftsmanship of tombstone craftsmen, and I praise them.