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Which patterns are more common in tombstone styles

A good stone tombstone should pay attention to the overall shape, size and material matching of the tombstone, among which the patterns embellished on the tombstone board, top of the tombstone, pillars, railings, cover plates, hoardings, and other supporting parts are very important to the tombstone. The overall effect has a greater impact. Which patterns are more common in tombstone styles?

For the custom-made tombstones in the conventional cemetery, because of the limitation of the overall area, the main form is small and beautiful. When matching some engraving patterns, the craftsmanship strives to be fine. Vase, swastika frame. Some European-style tombstones or artistic monuments will add foreign elements of carving patterns or Roman column shapes. Among them, the text couplet is also a more common type, as well as the plum orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, flowers, birds and fish on the railing and cover plates. Insect, lotus leaf lotus, etc. The fusion of modern Chinese and Western elements has become commonplace, as is the matching on tombstone patterns. A tombstone has both Roman columns, plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum; both Chinese-style tile covers and dragons and phoenix, There are also European-style line carvings and relief shapes.

Depending on the material of the tombstone, the same pattern and different materials have different sensory effects. The traditional tombstones in our country are mainly made of gray and black. This material looks solemn and solemn, so the pattern is generally more traditional. The dragon and phoenix, flowers and birds, handrails, etc. are mainly used. If it is an artistic monument or a tombstone with a European style, the material selection will be much brighter. Even if the essence of the content is plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, the form presented is quite different. of.

Different tombstone engraving patterns will have different engraving techniques. Some will make some round Buddha statues, dragon and phoenix patterns on the top of the tombstone, and some stele pillars or balustrades are embossed, of course, most of them are on various parts. These pure hand-carved patterns are like the data stored in the computer and engraved in the brains of our skilled masters. As long as the design determines the pattern, the master can complete the carving art on the stone with the tools in his hand. The vivid patterns also appear on the stone, which is also the precipitation of the masters' skills for more than ten years or even decades.

The patterns on the parts of the tombstone itself are simple or complex, and the meanings or effects of different patterns are different. Although it is only a symbol, like most other supporting parts of the tombstone, it carries and expresses a piece of mourning. And reluctance, so we also treat the pattern design of each tombstone with the same heart.