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Introduction to several major features of the engineering board

First, the difference in use, engineering boards are generally used in engineering, including indoor and outdoor wood flooring projects, with a large amount and a large area. Home improvement boards are generally used for home decoration, mainly used in indoor, bedroom, living room and other places. Small, small area.

2. The difference in specifications, because the engineering board is used in engineering decoration, the laying area is generally larger, so the size of the engineering board is larger than that of the home improvement board, but the thickness is thinner than that of the home improvement board. , In order to save costs, the thickness of the tooling board is generally about 8 mm, while the thickness of the home improvement board should reach more than 12 mm.

3. In terms of wear resistance, the engineering board needs to reach the standard of more than or equal to 9,000 revolutions in terms of wear resistance due to the more trampling on it. The wear resistance of the home improvement board is greater than or equal to 4,000 revolutions. Level 2 The wear resistance standard of home improvement board is greater than or equal to 6 thousand revolutions.

4. In terms of comfort, due to the wear-resistant requirements of engineering boards, the hardness is very high, and there is no elasticity. After people step on it, there is no comfort. Generally speaking, home improvement boards have good elasticity and comfort. degree, with good foot feel.

5. Generally speaking, the price of engineering flooring is much lower than that of home improvement flooring, because firstly, the materials used for engineering flooring are relatively small, and then engineering flooring is a one-time product, which cannot be repaired after damage and has no after-sales service, while home improvement flooring can be damaged after damage. Repairs also have perfect after-sales service. The price of home improvement boards with better brands is still relatively high.

6. The rough production process of the engineering board is quite different from that of the home improvement board. The home improvement board is well-made, has high gloss, and needs to be waxed regularly. Compared with the engineering board, the options are relatively dim and there are fewer options than the home improvement board. .