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How should Zhangqiu Hei be maintained in the rainy season?

How should Zhangqiu black be maintained in the rainy season? Zhangqiu black manufacturers will give you a detailed understanding of this issue. Zhangqiu black plate is mainly composed of quartz, mica and feldspar, usually dark, some of which contain a small amount of calcite. A crystal containing mineral particles can be seen on it. Since it crystallizes slowly, its crystals are woven together like a Rubik's cube, so it is difficult.

We are at Zhangqiu black sheet plaques are usually cast in copper or aluminum metal. It is often used as an affirmation or a ceremonial compliment to a building. The plaques are moulded into a sand mold which is as durable as a house and has not fallen off The pieces that come down are not easy to scratch and are not afraid of high temperature. No matter what the color or light is, as long as there is some common understanding, it will not fade or fade. Impurities brought by various weathers are difficult to stick.

The granite stone used in the manufacture of Zhangqiu black plate, the stone is average, the texture is exquisite, the stone is uniform, the chemical properties and internal density are uniform, the sound of knocking on the door is loud, the pores are distributed evenly, the pore size is low, the water absorption rate is low, and the physical properties , chemical properties, weathering, hydration, dissolution, dehydration, acidification, reduction and carbonate chemical corrosion resistance, carved on the stone, has the advantage. Because of its color and stability, atmosphere, enterprises, institutions, schools, enterprises and other customers. The physical properties of the stone are mainly granite, acid, alkali corrosion, and weathering resistance products. form, etc.

Zhangqiu black board, as a popular building materials market, needs to be increased. Stone shops do regular maintenance to avoid damage. It is even more necessary to increase maintenance in the rainy season. In rainy season, it not only harms crops, but also damages Zhangqiu black board. Mei In the rainy season, Zhangqiu black board will encounter rain, and the terrain is high and good. If the terrain is low, the water will flood to the top of Zhangqiu black board, and the damage will be even greater. Zhangqiu black board is afraid of water. In the rainy season in May, the weather is turbulent. , This kind of Zhangqiu black plate needs to be paid attention to, the weather is a bit clear, and when waiting for the Zhangqiu black plate, use the soaked maintenance agent to brush at least 2 times. The Zhangqiu black plate facing the water point should be washed and brushed first. The method can be adhered to. Now there are more and more curing agents, choose to be careful, it is not due to improper maintenance agents that cause diseases.