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What are the styles of tombstones?

\u003Ci>一.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>one.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>传统立碑\u003C\/i>\u003Cb>traditional monument\u003C\/b>

Traditional stele is still the first choice for many people. The stele line is relatively standard. It is a modern stele shape close to the form of ancient tombstones, and inscriptions can be engraved on it. Simple and simple, with black, gray and other dark colors as the main colors, there are also marble white and a small amount of red. The traditional tombstone type is relatively regular, consisting of a tombstone, a base and a handrail. Of course, after continuous evolution, it is divided into caps and without hood, as well as with and without armrests.

\u003Ci>2.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>2.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>艺术立碑\u003C\/i>\u003Cb>art monument\u003C\/b>

With the development of the times, people's aesthetic level is gradually improving, traditional monuments are no longer meeting people's aesthetic needs, and artistic monuments are born.

In some tombs or family tombs in the cemetery, monuments in the form of art are often used to highlight the literary taste of the tomb owner, highlight the personality, and also show the family culture.

The artistic monument retains the style of the traditional monument and the base, and basically has no handrails. Most of the monuments and bases have been created with artistic carvings, with various and irregular shapes and colorful colors.

Since most of the artistic tombstones are customized, large-scale production is not possible, and they are exclusively customized, so the price of artistic tombstones is relatively high.

\u003Ci>2.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>2.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>卧碑\u003C\/i>\u003Cb>lying monument\u003C\/b>

The reclining stele evolved from the traditional standing stele. Only the base of the stele is placed on the ground, so it is called the reclining stele. The reclining stele literally means the tombstone in the sleeping position, which is the back and the ground of the tombstone. Fitting. The front of the tombstone faces the sky. This kind of tombstone often has a thicker slate. There are inscriptions engraved on it.

The lying monument has a relatively small area, low cost, and relatively affordable price.

The reclining stele evolved from the traditional standing stele. Only the base of the stele is placed on the ground, so it is called the reclining stele, and the inscription is engraved on it. It's small, so the price is more affordable.

Lying monuments are also divided into traditional lying monuments and artistic lying monuments.

In addition, due to the popularity of ecological burials, the use of lying monuments is becoming more and more frequent, and the artistic lying monuments are more popular with customized shapes. A lawn, a green tree, and an artistic lying monument have their own style.