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Analysis of the shortcomings of Zhangqiu black solid color

Everyone should know that Zhangqiu black is easy to affect the appearance after using it for a long time. We usually use the method of fixing color to maintain the color of Zhangqiu black stone. Today, the editor will explain to you the points and shortcomings of curing. Let us pass Let's learn together with this article.

1. Crystal glaze fixation, crystal glaze fixation method: After Zhangqiu black glossy dyeing, wipe off the remaining pigment on the surface, add crystal glaze and polish.

Points: good glossing results, pure water-based products, good wear resistance, anti-slip and anti-fouling results, good color fixing results.

Disadvantages: One-time treatment costs more waxing.

2. Coating film fixing: There are 2 methods for coating film fixing, one is to dye and then coat the film to seal; the other is to mix the pigment and resin together to form a film on the stone surface.

Point: The fixation result is better, which can significantly increase the gloss of Zhangqiu's black glossy surface.

Disadvantages: The resin will age and fall off, which will affect the "breathing" of the black glossy stone in Zhangqiu, which may cause some lesions on the stone. The surface is prone to scratches and affects the appearance. The resin itself is also prone to discoloration, which may be uneven discoloration.