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About the components of traditional tombstones

Tombstones embody the memory of our deceased relatives and express our infinite nostalgia for our ancestors. Every Qingming, when we walk into the cemetery, a row of neat tombstones bury countless people's ordinary lives, but very few people Notice the different composition of each seemingly simple tombstone.

A complete set of traditional tombstones

A complete set of tombstones is mainly composed of the main tombstone board, the tombstone column, the tombstone top, the railing board, the dry board, etc.

The main tablet is an indispensable part of the tombstone, and it is the first impression of most people on the tombstone. The main tablet is engraved with the information of the deceased and the person who erected the tombstone.

The stele pillars are the pillars on the two sides of the main stele plate, usually there are Roman columns, dragon and phoenix columns, etc. There are not only one pair of stele columns, and complex tombstones generally have multiple pairs of stele columns.

The top of the stele, as the name implies, is the top part of the main stele. Most of the traditional tombstones use tile covers or other styles as the top of the stele. As a traditional Chinese house building style, tile houses are very popular among the people. Combined with couplets, a tile-covered stele roof is constructed. But in fact, there are great differences in customs and cultures in different regions, so the styles of stele roofs are also very different, and some styles of tombstones do not even need a stele roof.

The balustrade is the stone slab on the 2 banks of the tombstone. Generally, the balustrade adopts relief and line carving techniques, and is carved with patterns such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc., which symbolizes the noble quality of the deceased. There are also great differences between different styles of tombstone balustrades. , Many tombstones will engrave 2 stone lions in front of the fence, and some tombstones will make the fence into a curved shape, which is more artistic.

The cover plate refers to the shielding plate above the urn. The tombstone factory often sandblasts various patterns on the 4 sides of the cover plate to carve different shapes. The cover plate is usually 1 to 2 pieces. Of course, the number of holes of different scales and tombstones can be Configure different numbers of covers.

In addition, a complete set of tombstones also includes auspicious animals, stele ears, vases, drums, spherical columns, lion columns, steps, balustrade columns, floors and handrails and other components. The tombstone carving seems simple, but in fact it is It is very complicated, and different styles of tombstones will have different accessories, ranging from dozens to hundreds.

It is precisely because of the composition of these parts that a set of exquisite tombstones looks magnificent, and it is precisely because the stone carvers carefully carve every detail that they can win the trust of every customer.