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Text format requirements for tombstones

First, the shape and size of vertical tombstones: vertical tombstones are generally erected rectangles, the height is significantly larger than the width, and the size is basically fixed. The so-called basic fixation means that it must be "born and old". The net size of the tombstone does not include the top and left and right 2 The height of small tombstones is generally 2 feet 6 inches or 2 feet 7 inches (about 90cm), and the width is generally 1 foot 6 inches or 1 foot 7 inches (about 55cm); the height of medium-sized tombstones is generally 3 feet 1 inch, 3 feet 2 inches (about 105cm), the width is generally 2 feet 1 inches, 2 feet 2 inches (about 70cm); the height of larger tombstones is generally 3 feet 6 inches, 3 feet 7 inches (about 120cm), the width is generally It is 2 feet 6 inches and 2 feet 7 inches (about 90cm). Any tombstone with a height of more than 3 feet 7 inches and a width of more than 2 feet 7 inches is a large tombstone. 3 feet 1 inch (105cm) above.

2. The inscription structure of vertical tombstones: The inscriptions on vertical tombstones vary according to the size of the tombstone. For general small tombstones, the inscriptions only have three basic contents, namely the main inscription, the time when the tombstone was erected and the names of descendants. Medium-sized tombstones For larger tombstones, in addition to the above 3 basic contents, the inscription can also add the date of birth and death or biography of the elderly in the tomb. For large tombstones, in addition to the 3 basic contents and biographical information, the inscription can also add a tomb sequence or biography. Epitaphs, etc. The content that can be added is not necessarily added, but is generally determined according to the size of the tombstone and the requirements of the person who erected the tombstone.

3. Requirements for "rebirth and old age" in writing inscriptions: There is a special requirement for writing inscriptions, that is, the number of lines and words must be "reborn and old", and the number of columns is not required, just as much as possible. The number of words in the column requires "to live together and grow old", which is too much to pay attention to, and it is generally impossible to do so.