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What are the tombstone patterns of traditional tombstones?

Traditional tombstones are the tombstones we usually see. They are divided into two types, one is the tombstone of the classic conventional style, and the other is the tombstone of the traditional cultural color. The tombstone culture has a long history in our country. From the tombs of the royal families and nobles of various dynasties , tombstones and stone tablets have been used in China for a long time.

The tombstones carved in different periods have different patterns, gradually forming a tombstone culture with Chinese characteristics. So what are the common carving patterns on traditional tombstones?

There are many common flower patterns in traditional tombstones, but because the tombstone is a funeral service, the atmosphere is relatively depressing or even sad, so traditional tombstones will engrave some auspicious patterns to ease the depressing atmosphere and let some more auspicious patterns bring More vitality and hope. The common patterns of traditional tombstones are flowers and plants, dragons, phoenixes, cranes and other beautiful animals, landscape paintings, etc.

Flowers and plants, such as lotus, bamboo, etc. Vibrant flowers and plants are the elements that tombstone designers like. Flowers bloom and fall, and flowers bloom, which can give people a farewell, but not the end. It simply resolves the sadness of death. So Some elements of flowers and plants are added to the traditional tombstone carving to make the deceased live more comfortably and comfortably on the psychological level.

The dragon and phoenix pattern is also a very common traditional tombstone carving pattern, which means that the deceased can ascend to the sky. At the same time, it also wishes that future generations can turn grief into strength and achieve success in the end. Pine has the meaning of longevity, and magpies and other birds are also a precursor to good things, so traditional These carvings on the tombstone make people feel that good things are coming. The landscape pattern implies that living in the great rivers and mountains.

Plants, dragons, phoenixes, pine, cranes and other animal and landscape patterns not only imply beauty, but also have the function of decorating tombstones.

The above is a description of the common carving patterns on traditional tombstones.