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The processing of Shanxi black tombstones can be divided into 4 aspects

The first process of stone monument processing is the selection of stone materials. There are many varieties of stone materials, and there are many varieties to choose from. For example, Shanxi black, sesame black, sesame white, black Jinsha, Fuding black, etc., and Shanxi black tombstones are due to various aspects. The function of the stone is more outstanding, it can be regarded as a relatively stone, and it has outstanding performance in all aspects, so it is loved.

Secondly, after selecting the stone, it is necessary to go through the production of drawings, plan out the plan, and hand over the drawings to the workers in each link. After the design of the drawings, rough carving, trial assembly, fine carving, water grinding, reassembly, packaging, transportation, etc. are required. These links are relatively independent, and require different professional knowledge to end independently, divide labor and cooperate, and then show a stone tablet work.

The processing of stone tablets can be divided into the following four aspects in detail:

First, roughly carve the stone with a hand grinder, carve out the prototype of the stone tablet, and then use a small machine to retouch the surface or details, so that the shape of a stone tablet is basically completed.

2. Use a large water mill for water grinding, polish the plane of the stone tablet, and then use a hand-held water mill to polish the details. For example, the main tablet plate and the cover plate need to be polished.

3. Carve the surface of the stele, use relief or sink to carve some pictures, such as lotus, longevity characters, animals, etc. Of course, you can also carve dragon pillars, elephants, stone lions, satisfaction and so on.

4. Assemble and inspect the product to ensure the quality of the product. Because the stone tablet is assembled from multiple parts, the installation inspection is very important. After the processing of each product, the manufacturer must assemble the stone tablet in full and modify the details. Locally, to avoid problems after installation in the cemetery.

5. Pack the product with wooden frame and foam to ensure the integrity of the product during transportation.